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The postage rate for mailing a regular first-class letter in the United States starting April 10, 2016 is $0.47 for the first ounce and $0.21 for additional ounces up to 3.5 ounces. After that, you must use the rate for large envelopes, called flats, which starts at $0.94 and also adds $0.21 for additional ounces. Suppose that you only have 47-cent stamps. What should you do? You could affix one such stamp for each ounce. However, two first-ounce stamps covers three ounces for a letter. The first table below shows the costs for up to 13 ounces and the number of first-ounce stamps needed when you don't have additional-ounce stamps. (After 13 ounces, mail with stamps applied must be presented at a post-office counter.) The second table below shows the values when only first-ounce stamps are applied and how many ounces for letters and flats are covered by using only these stamps.

Ounces Letter Rates Stamps Needed Large-Envelope Rates Stamps Needed Package Rates
1 $0.47 1 $0.94 2 $2.45
2 0.68 2 1.15 3 2.45
3 0.89 2 1.36 3 2.45
3.5 1.10 3 ---- --- ---
4 1.57 4 1.57 4 2.64
5 1.78 4 1.78 4 2.83
6 1.99 5 1.99 5 3.02
7 2.20 5 2.20 5 3.21
8 2.41 6 2.41 6 3.40
9 2.62 6 2.62 6 3.59
10 2.83 7 2.83 7 3.78
11 3.04 7 3.04 7 3.97
12 3.25 7 3.25 7 4.16
13 3.46 8 3.46 8 4.35

First-Ounce Stamps Value Covers-Letters (oz) Covers-Flats (oz)
1 $0.47 1 0
2 0.94 3 1
3 1.41 3.5 3
4 1.88 5 5
5 2.35 7 7
6 2.82 9 9
7 3.29 12 12
8 3.76 13 13

Following are the size requirements on letters and large envelopes (flats). If any of the limits on flats are exceeded, then package rates apply. If any of the limits on letters are exceeded without exceeding the corresponding limit for flats, then the rates for flats apply. The minimum requirements must be met for both letters and flats.

Dimension Minimum (in) Limit-Letters (in) Limit-Flats (in)
Length (side to side) 5 11 1/2 15
Height (top to bottom) 3 1/2 6 1/8 12
Thickness (front to back) 0.007 1/4 3/4

Reference 1 contains the following notice about letter requirements:

Letters that meet one or more of the nonmachinable characteristics below are subject to the nonmachinable surcharge.

This surcharge currently is $0.21.

Reference 2 contains the following notice about large-envelope requirements:

Large envelopes that are rigid, nonrectangular, or not uniformly thick pay package prices.


  1. USPS Letter Requirements
  2. USPS Large Envelope Requirements
  3. USPS Price List

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